Wedding Cakes

Congratulations on your engagement!

Jamaica only uses the highest-quality ingredients, makes everything from scratch, never uses shortening, never freezes her cakes, and uses fresh flowers as her signature touch.

When it is time to design a wedding cake, Jamaica likes to begin with the client. Her goal is to get a feel for both the personality of the couple and the look of the overal wedding. Every cake is an original. Jamaica will consult with the couple and incorporate ideas from either their invitation, a piece of the brides dress, or any other element they may have brought in during the design process.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when creating your cake. The shape, color, design elements, fondant versus buttercream, what flowers will be used, all of these elements will determine the final cost of you particular cake. Prices for simple wedding cakes start at $6.00 per person and go up accordingly.

Consultation appointments take place at her store in West Los Angeles. Please give us a call to schedule yours today.

We can do any flavor for each tier, at no extra charge. If you are shopping around, you don't want cakes with shortening or frozen.